Eat This Book Challenge


As Christian parents and leaders, we yearn to see our sons and daughters not only read the Bible but fall in love with God’s Holy Word. We know that this is how their knowledge and understanding of God will grow. But how do we help our reluctant readers develop this important spiritual discipline?


The Eat This Book challenge was created in response to parents who said that their children showed no interest in the Bible. They knew (sometimes through painful experience) that nagging and bribing wouldn't work, but they had no idea how to ignite in their children's hearts a genuine and lasting love for the Bible. 
 The Eat This Book Challenge is a process that will help teach children & families how to enjoy the Bible and the God who inspired it.

The Challenge lasts from January 1st-May 27th. With the challenge you receive a workbook that consists of a weekly devotional, Bible readings, family readings, and other family activities. Kids & families will be working together to complete the different activities in the workbook each week. For each activity completed the child receives points that will be tallied up at the end of the challenge. The 3 children with the most points will receive the following prizes:

            1st place receives Tennessee Aquarium/Imax Combo tickets for the family

            2nd place receives Chattanooga Lookouts tickets for the family

3rd place receives a $15 Baskin Robbins Gift Card and a $50 Gift Card for the AMC Movie Theater.

Smaller prizes will be given out to kids and families throughout the challenge depending on participation.

The gifts and prizes are pretty awesome with this challenge, but our true goal for participating is so that kids and families can truly begin to read God’s word and begin to rely on it in their daily lives. It takes over two months to form a new habit! We want this challenge to be the kick starter to a new habit that you and your children can rely on for the rest of your lives!


If you are interested in having your children participate and begin the Eat This Book Challenge on January 1st please register at the Children’s Check in Desk or by December 17th.  Email or call the church office at 423-472-9578 if you have any questions.

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